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Chocobo Racing

Chocobo racing is a fun, profitable profession that nets you a great deal of GP and rare items. This can be a good way to earn back all that money you lost breeding chocobos, as with the Great Gold Chocobo you can proceed to have thousands and thousands of GP in a hurry.

As with breeding Chocobos, racing normal vanilla chocobos is not nearly as easy (or as fun!) as racing the special types. Here is the strategies for racing each chocobo type, and tips for racing in general. As with the breeding, this information is taken from many resources and laced with my own experiance.

General Tips

When racing any type of chocobo, there are a few things to remember.
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS hold down the L and R buttons (all of them!). Doing so will slowly replenish your stamina, and will give you an edge over the other racers.

  • If you are racing for money, items, or to advance in class, race in the short course. The prizes are just as good, while the races are much shorter and easier to win.

  • On the short course, you can sprint just a little to stay ahead of the other chocobos, but after that wait until the race is almost over. Near the end of the colorful area, start sprinting. You should be able to keep it up all the way to the finish line.

  • BEWARE! There is a chocobo Racer named TEIOH. He will always have more speed and stamina than you, even if you have the max. He can be a nuisance sometimes, but with proper sprinting and a decent chocobo, you should be able to beat him regardless.

  • Yellow Chocobos

    While these chocobos can go far, especially with careful breeding and selecting, no matter how good your regular chocobo is you wont do very well in the later races. They are slowed down drasticaly in the Space section of the short course and in the waterfall section of the long one. It is possible that you can beat the normal racers in the "S" class races, but once Teioh rolls around on his black chocobo, you will be hard pressed for second. Your best bet to win with a regular chocobo is to breed him intoa green or blue one.

    Green Chocobos

    Now you can do some damage in the middle classes. The Green chocobo, on top of being just as fast as any "Wonderful" Chocobo, can run at full speed in the Space and Water zones of the two courses. This gives it a major advantage over other racers, but it has one flaw. The Green chocobo lacks a speed boost, so other racers will just leave you in the dust once you hit the "S" class. Once again, after you get a few good laughs seeing "C" class racers bite the dust, move on to a more substantial Chocobo.

    Blue Chocobos

    I really like these guys. While they are still drasticaly slowed down in the space and water areas, they can sprint fast enough to take the equally-slow players. Properly fed and raced, I easily got my blue chocobo into the "S" class while I pretty much gave up on my Green one. As much as I like the blue chocobos in the races, however, they still can't compete with the "S" class very well, especially if Teioh is around. But, if you get him into the "S" class in the first place, then you stand a pretty good chance of getting a much better chocobo...

    Black Chocobos

    Now you can actually compete with those "S" classers. The Black chocobo combines the dashing speed of the Blue chocobo with the ability to run full speed from the Green. While Teioh is still a big problem as he is faster then you and has these same abilities, expect to win plenty of races with or without his gracing your track. But, if you have gotten this far in chocobo breeding, and REALLY want to make a killing earning GP and all those cool prizes, then grab a Zeio nut and breed the:

    Gold Chocobos

    It is VERY hard to lose with one of these guys under you. No matter HOW bad you breed them, this chocobo will still be "S" class material. I was actually a very poor breeder, never feeding my chocobos that were solely for breeding, and only racing my blue one into the "S" class, so this made me a pretty slow Gold chocobo... that was still twice as fast as all the other racers! The Gold chocobo combines the special abilities of the Black chocobo with pure speed. This is so much a match for the "S" class that even Teioh can't keep up. When racing Teioh (I wont even TALK about racing everyone else...) just sprint whenever he shows up behind you until he dissapears. Then just burn all the way home once you get close enough, and let the cash roll on in. This is the chocobo to use to get those rare materias as prizes, and to earn enough GP to buy EXP plus, Gil plus, and to put up a great deal of battles in the battle arena. Have fun!!!