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Support Materia (Blue)

Added CutGreat GlacierAttack in addition to attached orb.
Added AffectCave of the GiAdds materia status to weapon or armor
AllShop in sector 7Allows magic to affect all enemies/party members
CounterChocobo RacesAllows counter-attack
ElementalShinra's TowerAdds materia alement to armor
Final Attackbattle squareCast when character dies
HP AbsorbWutai Cat houseDrains opponent's HP
Magic CounterChocobo Racescounter with attached spell/summon
MP AbsorbChest in WutaiDrains MP from opponent
MP TurboWhirlwind MazeMakes attacked orb deal more damage, for more MP
Quadra MagicMateria Cave near WutaiAttached orb casts four times
Sneak AttackChocobo racingCast orb at begining of battle
Steal as wellWutai MountainsSteal when casting attached orb

Command Materia (Yellow)

DeathblowRoad to Gongaga reactorGreat deal of damage or none
Double CutCrashed GelnikaAttack opponent either 2 times or 4 times
Enemy SkillShinra HeadquartersLearn enemy skills
ManipulateCait SithControl target enemy
MimeMateria cave south of WutaiPlayer mimics action by target teammate
MorphTemple of the AncientsEnemy killed with this becomes an item
SenseMidgar PlaygroundView enemy stats
Slash AllAncient ForestAttack all enemies, attack all with instant death
StealMidgar SewersSteal an item, or steal and attack.
ThrowYuffieThrow items or money at enemy
W-Itemunderneath midgarUse two items in one turn
W-SagicFinal DungeonCast two spells in one turn
W-SummonBattle SquareCast two summons in one turn

Independent Materia(Purple)

Chocobo LureChocobo FarmAttract Chocobos into battle
CounterNibelheim MountainsCounterattack enemy when hit
CoverAeris' GardenProtect other characters when attacked
Enemy AwayChocobo RacesDecreases random battle frequency
Enemy LureBattle SquareIncreases random battle frequency
Exp. Plus2000 GP at Wonder SquareAmount of EXP gained in each battle is increased
Gil PlusWonder SquareAmount of Gil gained in each battle is increased
HP PlusCosmo CanyonIncrease max HP
Long RangeMythril CaveSame attack power in front or back, can attack flying enemies
Luck PlusTemple of the AncientsIncreases luck
Magic PlusCorral Valley CaveIncreases magic attack
Mega AllFinal DungeonCommands and spells target "all"
MP PlusCosmo CanyonIncreases max MP
Pre-emptiveGold SaucerIncreases first strike chances
Speed PlusBattle SquareIncreases character's speed
UnderwaterKalm travelerRemoves 20 minute timer from emerald WEAPON.

Summon Materia (Red)

AlexanderIn the Great Glacier, after defeating SnowHoly Attack
BahamutTemple of the AncientsMega Flare
Bahamut ZEROFrom blue Huge Materia in Cosmo CanyonTerra Flare
Choco/MogWhen you talk to the chocobos at the farmDeathblow!!
HadesCrashed GelnikaBlack Cauldron
IfritJenova on Shinra BoatHellfire
KjataSleeping ForestElemental Attack
Knights of the RoundMateria Cave in the oceanUltimate End
LeviathanBeating all the bosses in the PagodaWater Attack
Neo BahamutWhirlwind MazeGiga Flare
OdinShinra Mansion, after the Lost Number bossGunge Lance
PhoenixFort CondorRestors all party members, fire attack
RamuhChocobo Racing roomJudgement Bolt
ShivaJunon, after saving PriscillaDiamond Dust
TitanGongaga ReactorAnger of the Land
TypoonAncient ForestSneeze Attack

Spell Materia (green)

BarrierShop in Rocket TownBarrier, M-Barrier, Reflect, Wall
CometCity of the AncientsComet 1. Comet 2
ContainMideel, from White ChocoboFreeze, Break, Tornado, Flare
DestructShinra MansionDeBarrier, DeSpell, Death
EarthShop in KalmQuake, Quake 2, Quake 3
ExitShop in Rocket TownEscape, Remove
FireSector 7 shopFire 1, Fire 2, Fire 3
FullcureCosmo CanyonFullcure
GravityCave of the GiDemi, Demi 2, Demi 3
HealShop in KalmPoisona, Esuna, Resist
IceCloud at start of GameIce, Ice 2, Ice 3
LightningCloud at start of GameBolt 1, Bolt 2, Bolt 3
MystifyShop in GongagaConfu, Berserk
PoisonShinra HeadquartersBio, Bio 2, Bio 3
RestoreReactor 1Cure, Cure 2, Regen, Cure 3
ReviveShop in JunonLife 1, Life 2
SealShop in JunonSleep, Silence
ShieldFinal DungeonShield
TimeShop in GongagaHaste, Slow, Stop
TransformMt. Corel RailroadMini, Toad
UltimaNorth CorelUltima