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Lufia is the most whimsical, dynamic and enigmatic character in the entire RPG genre. She is the kind of character that you think you know everything about her, and then all of a sudden everything you know is wrong. She would have to be, of course, if the game is to be named after her. Despite any doubts that may creep into your mind regarding Lufia, she is the most effective character in your party. Her most potent early-game spell is Flash, which can kill almost any enemies in one hit. She comes up short on healing powers, but she is never in your party when the Hero isn't, so you should always have a good cure session available if things go sour. If the Hero and other party members like Aguro get a good grip of the battle, use Lufia to distribute potions, revives and miracles when she isn't dealing death to an unfortunate foe.

Lufia is with you from the very beginning. She and the Hero met when they were children, and have been together forever since. Lufia is an orphan, and the fact that she has no idea who her parents are or how she got to Alekia doesn't bother her. When the Hero leaves to investigate the revival of Gades, Lufia insists that the Hero takes her along. She proves to be an invaluable travel partner, and helps the party through thick and thin. Just be forwarned that just when you have everything figured out, be prepared to have your world torn in two.