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Do you dare go inside?

Final Fantasy 6 has a strange history. Since Final Fantasy 2 and 3 were never released in the US, Square decided that when it released Final Fantasy 4 they would call it Final Fantasy 2 instead, to avoid confusion. Then, FF5 was not released either. FF6 was to come to America, but Square again called it FF3 to avoid confusion. So, in short, FF3 in the US is FF6 in Japan.

Despite this confusion, FF6 is revered by many gamers as the greatest RPG ever. It flaunted a fantastic storyline that left role-players spellbound.

About the temporary site: I have put up a temporary FF6 site to aid gamers until the staff can get around to creating a full-blown site. The walkthrough supplied is excellant. It is made for the old FF3 for SNES, not the playstation anthology, but this matters very little. It is an aged but great walkthrough for an aged but great game.