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Final Fantasy 8 has been the most anticipated RPG of the century. It has been hyped up more the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and promoted more than the Sega Dreamcast. It has spawned dozens upon dozens of fan sites, before it ever came out. With all of this, we underestimated Final Fantasy 8. It far exceeds all the standards that had been set by FF7 and every RPG since then. While the storyline is a little less gripping than that of FF7, it doesn't need to be better. FF8 has an innovative everything else. The battle system has been tweaked to perfection. Magic has been eliminated and replaced with a much more useful (and fun!) draw system. The graphics are literally amazing... there are more FMVs in the first disc then there was in all of Final Fantasy 7's 3 discs put together. For RPGers, this game is like a cross between Super Mario RPG (some aspects of the battle system), Breath of Fire 3 (the GF system vs master system), and Final Fantasy 7 (everything else). This is truly a great game, and once again you cannot consider yourself a true RPG fan without buying Square's latest masterpiece.