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Star Ocean: The Second Story is an incredible RPG for the Playstation. It doesn't have a lot of cinimatics, and when it does the characters are animated instead of CG, but the gameplay is beyond belief. Virtually everything in this game is "standard" except for two things: the ending and the combat system. If you enjoy thrilling combat, put this game in "full action" mode and it will blow you away. You control 1 character of 4 in a real-time battle. Not real-time like the Final Fantasies, though. In these battles you run around and manually hack at your enemy.

The other interesting aspect is the ending system. There are over 80 endings to SO2. The ones you get depends on how you play the game. Certain actions will make characters like each other more or less, which affects the ending. In one game the main characters might get marries and have a baby, and in another they might end up going their seperate ways. Along with 2 seperate storylines to choose from, this game has virtually limitless replay value. The only downside is the storyline is a little shallow, but the intense action makes up for this.

About the temporary site: For SO2 I have supplied several walkthroughs for your enjoyment. These FAQs and walkthroughs are the best to my knowledge, and I must give my humble word of thanks to the writers who let me use their wonderful work.