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Sorceress Adel

I actually liked Adel more than I liked Ultimecia. We learn about Adel's evil throughout the game, and then we finally get to meet the witch. Adel is, afterall, more evil a tyrant then Edea ever hoped to be. With no help at all from Ultimicia, Adel decided it would be fun to try and take over the world. As the leader of Esthar and its armies, she darn well came close, too. She gave sorceresses a bad name. She would have gone on to conquer the planet had not one man and his friends set out to stop her. That one man was able trap Adel inside a suspended animation chamber. That man then went on to become the new leader of Esthar, and sent Adel's prison into outer space where she could do no damage. Or so he thought. Esthar to this day resents its history as the sinister Adel's pawns, and strives to shed its image of cruelty and war.