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Laguna Loire

Laguna is a quirky character that provides much headache for Squall and his friends. As the other main character of the game, he couldn't be more unlike Squall. He is known for talking way too much, especially when on a date. Laguna is a soldier for Galbadia. Not the evil Galbadia of Squall's time, however. We meet Laguna in a flashback of aproximately 17 years, when the country Esthar was trying to conquer the world. Laguna and his friends, Kiros and Ward, were able to infiltrate Esthar and, after conducting reconnaissance, made an incredible escape. The following years are shrouded in mystery, to be discovered as Squall progresses through his own quest.

Laguna is Squall's counterpart. He will always have the same GFs and magic junctioned as Squall did before a flashback. His machine gun is just as strong as Squall's gunblade, but cannot do the R1 trick. Laguna's limit break is also very powerful, but not as nifty as Squall's renzozuken.