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Items List

Here is a list of all the items and weapons you will find in the game. If I have left one out, please e-mail me and I will put it on.

Standard Items

Helpful ItemsAid Party
PotionRestors 100 HP
Hi PotionRestors 500 HP
X PotionFully restors HP
TentRestores MP and HP at save point
Phoenix DownRevives dead party member
EtherRestors 100 MP
Turbo EtherRestors all MP
ElixerRestors one member's HP and MP
MegalixerFully restors all MP and HP of party
HyperCures Sadness
TranquilizerCures Fury
Eye DropCures Darkness
Echo ScreenCures Silence
CornucopiaCures Small
Maiden's KissCures Frog
SoftCures Petrify
AntidoteCures Poison
RemedyCures Status
Light BarrierCasts Barrier
VaccineProtects against Transform
Hero DrinkRaises Stats in Battle
Speed DrinkCasts Haste
Smoke BombEscape from Battle
Stat RaisersRaise Stats
Guard SourceRaises Vitality
Luck SourceRaises Luck
Magic SourceRaises Magic
Mind SourceRaises Spirit
Power SourceRaises Strength
Speed SourceRaises Dexterity
ChocobosCatch/Breed Chocs
Carob NutBreed Black/Blue/Green Chocs
Lasan NutBreed Chocs
Luchille NutBreed Chocs
Porov NutBreed Chocs
Pram NutBreed Chocs
Pepio NutBreed Chocs
Saraha NutBreed Chocs
Zeio NutBreed Gold Choc
Kurie GreensFeed to Chocobos
Krakka GreensFeed to Chocobos
Mimett GreensFeed to Chocobos
Pahsana GreensFeed to Chocobos
Reagan GreensFeed to Chocobos
Sylkis GreensFeed to Chocobos
Attack ItemsDamage Enemy
8-inch CannonExplosive on one
Antarctic WindIce 2 on all
Bird WingWhirlwind on all
Bolt PlumeBolt 2 on all
DazersParalyze one
Deadly WasteBio 2 on all
Dragon FangeLightning damage to all
Dragon ScalesWater damage on one
Dream PowderSleepel on all
Fire FangFire 2 on all
Fire VeilFire 3 on all
Ghost HandDrains MP from one
GraviballDemi on one
Earth DrumQuake 2 on all
GrenadeExplosive on one
Holy TouchDeSpell on one
Ice CrystalIce 3 on all
InkDarkness on one
ImpalerFrog on one
MolotovFire Damage on one
Mute MaskSilence on all
M-TentaclesBio 3 on all
Loco WeedConfu on all
Right ArmExplosive on all
ShrapnelExplosive on all
ShrivelMini on one
S-mineExplosive on one
Spider WebSlow all opponents
StardustComet 2 on all
Swift BoltBolt 3 on all
T/S (time/space?)BombDemi 2 on one
War GongBerserk on all
Vampire FangDrains HP from one