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Jenova is the singular most evil abomination ever created. I cannot, however, reveal just how evil she is without spoiling more of the story than I already have. The first time you meet Jenova is in Shinra's Headquarters. All you see is a decapitated figure, before you are quickly caught by the Shinra and Hojo. From that point on, however, all hell breaks loose, in the form of Sephiroth. Your mission is permanently changed, and it is now to destroy the Mother of all Evil, and her malevolent and all-powerful spawn, Sephiroth.

Jenova's past is purposely vague, and very confusing at the beggining. It all starts to come together, though, from numerous misunderstandings and surprises to the realization to just what she... and Sephiroth really are. Stick in there, and gut her out in the terrible forms of herself that is thrown at you, Jenova-BIRTH, Jenova-LIFE, Jenova-DEATH, and finally, the Trio-tentacled Terror of Terra, Jenova-SYNTHESIS. Dont try to ponder her existance here... go and find out for yourself.